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December 2007
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Day December 11, 2007

Iron Maiden stick with EMI

LONDON, 11th December, 2007 – EMI and Iron Maiden today announced they have renewed and extended their historic 28-year recording relationship in a deal for the world, excluding the USA, which also includes other revenues such as touring, merchandise and sponsorship. Signed to EMI Records in November 1979, Iron Maiden quickly became one of the [...]

Goldfrapp confirm new single and album

New single: A&E – 11th February 2008 New album: Seventh Tree – 25th February 2008 Confirmed tracklisting ‘Goldfrapp’s Seventh Tree makes you feel like spring’s already arrived’ Observer Music Monthly November 2007 ‘Goldfrapp have delivered one of the first great albums of 2008′ Music Week 29 October 2007 Genre busting pop pioneers Goldfrapp have confirmed [...]

The Kooks announce details of new album

The Kooks have revealed that the name of their new album will be Konk. Taking its name from Ray Davies’ studio in North London where it was recorded, ‘Konk’ will be released on April 14th 2008. It is the follow-up to their debut album Inside In, Inside Out, which was also recorded at Konk and [...]