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November 2007
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Day November 28, 2007

“KylieX2008″ is Kylie’s brand new tour for next year!

European tour includes four UK cities, finishing up at London’s O2 Arena Kylie Minogue is to tour Europe with a brand new show in 2008. Inspired by her new album X (released this week), Kylie and her creative team have devised a new show that she describes herself as ‘fresh, exhilarating and innovative”. The new [...]

Supergrass – new single ‘Diamond Hoo Ha Man’ out Janurary 14th 2008 and UK dates

Supergrass release the energetic and exhilarating Diamond Hoo Ha Man on Parlophone on January 18th 2008. The track is an electrifying taster of the new album to be released in March 2008. The album was recorded over a couple of weeks in Berlin at the legendary Hansa studios. It’s produced by Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, [...]