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November 2007
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Day November 12, 2007

EMI appoints Pat O’Driscoll to Investor Board

London, 12 November 2007: EMI Group, one of the world’s leading music groups, is delighted to announce the appointment of Pat O’Driscoll, Chief Executive of Northern Foods until February this year, to its Investor Board. Pat, who prior to Northern Foods held a number of senior roles within Shell’s retail businesses, will work with the [...]

Hip Digital Media and EMI Music enter into DRM-free digital music initiative across North America for consumer brand, loyalty and incentive programs

EMI Canada becomes first label to use Hip Digital’s CMS engine Vancouver, Canada –November 12, 2007 – Hip Digital Media, a full service digital media agency specializing in the licensing and distribution of digital entertainment, and EMI Music, one of the world’s largest independent music companies, have entered into an agreement that gives Hip Digital [...]