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November 2007
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Day November 5, 2007

EMI appoints Mike Clasper and Billy Mann to investor board

(London, 5 November 2007): EMI Group, the leading global music business, is delighted to announce the appointment of Mike Clasper and Billy Mann to its Investor Board to assist in the transformation of the group. Both will provide guidance and advice in all areas of the Group. As well as sitting on the Investor Board, [...]

Kylie Konnect unites Kylie fans with the first ever artist social networking site

LONDON, 5th November 2007: Kylie, whose single ’2 Hearts’ is released digitally today, launches her very own cross platform social network – Kylie Konnect – www.kyliekonnect.com Kylie’s record label, Parlophone, teamed up with New Visions Mobile to create the application which will allow fans to create their profile, upload images and blogs and connect with [...]

Radiohead – 7 CD box set/USB stick/digital bundle

Available 10th December 2007 www.radioheadstore.com LONDON, Monday 5th November 2007: For the first time all six of Radiohead’s Parlophone studio albums (Pablo Honey, The Bends, OK Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, and Hail To The Thief) plus live album (I Might Be Wrong) will be available together in a specially packaged box set from December 10th, [...]