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October 2007
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Day October 30, 2007

EMI artists give teenagers a new way to pay

Lily Allen, Athlete and Supergrass artwork to appear on chip & PIN cards LONDON, 30th October 2007: Selected EMI artists are coming together and offering young fans an alternative way to get their hands on their album covers – through chip and PIN cards. In an exclusive and first of its kind deal with NatWest [...]

The B-52′s to release first studio album in 16 years on Astralwerks – February 26, 2008

The B-52′s, pioneering dance-rock stars, are exploding on the scene once again with the February 26th, 2008 release of Funplex, the band’s first studio album in 16 years and the first with the Astralwerks label. The influential band – who bridged a gap between punk and new wave with a sound that was uniquely their [...]