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October 2007
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Day October 18, 2007

Capitol Records Nashville artists shine big as songwriters

Nashville, Tenn. – Oct. 18, 2007 – Capitol Records Nashville artists kicked off the country music awards show season showing that they are not only talented artists but equally talented as songwriters. The 2007 ASCAP Country Music Awards and the 2007 NSAI Awards were given to songwriters and artists who have created some of the [...]

Dave Gahan’s ‘Hourglass’

Eagerly awaited second solo LP released 22nd October on Mute First single Kingdom, released 8th October The inimitable Dave Gahan makes a dynamic return on 22nd October with Hourglass – his eagerly awaited second solo album. Best known as the iconic frontman of Depeche Mode, he continues his impressive career with a blazing new side-project, [...]

Taiwan’s Jolin Tsai guests on new recording by Kylie Minogue

Hong Kong, October 18, 2007 — What happens when two Pop Princesses from different sides of the world get together? They make music. This is exactly what Taiwan-based Jolin Tsai, the best selling female Chinese artist in China and the International Princess of Pop, Kylie Minogue have done… The track in question is In My [...]