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October 2007
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Day October 1, 2007

EMI and Virgin Classics launch online classics club

LONDON, 1st October 2007: EMI and Virgin Classics have announced the launch of the groundbreaking EMI and Virgin Classics Club, an exclusive online environment through which classical music lovers can gain access to a range of audio and visual material. Members can strengthen ties with their favourite music and musicians, stream pre-release works and more, [...]

Exclusive digital release for Simon Rattle and The Berliner Philharmoniker’s recording of Mahler’s Symphony No.9

International digital release: November 2007: 5099950122950 iTunes pre-release: 5099950123155 “The performance of Gustav Mahler’s 9th symphony was one of the most wonderful accomplishments of Simon Rattle as conductor of this orchestra.” (Berliner Zeitung) Simon Rattle, who has built a reputation as a distinguished Mahler interpreter through his vast Mahler back-catalogue on EMI Classics, will complete [...]

The first DRM-free music video only download website launches today, having inked deals with EMI Music, Domino, XL and many more

LONDON, 1st October 2007: ilovevideo (www.ilovevideo.com) today announced it has launched the first DRM-free (Digital Rights Management-free) music video retail store. Brought to you by the creators of the award-winning music portal Video-C, ilovevideo offers consumers ownership of high quality music videos for playback via handheld devices, Macs, PCs and media centres. Ilovevideo already has [...]

With the addition of EMI Music’s digital repertoire, Weltbild.de now offers Germany’s largest catalogue of higher quality, DRM-free MP3 tracks

German online retailer Weltbild-download.de has added EMI’s premium quality, downloads, which come without Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions, to its music catalogue. The tracks are available as 320kb/s MP3 files and are on sale now. “With this improved sound quality, even classical and jazz titles finally become true digital listening experiences,” said Dr Klaus Driever, [...]