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September 2007
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Month September 2007

EMI CMG Distribution taps Propeller Consulting to focus on faith-based, family entertainment DVDs and games

NASHVILLE, TENN September 6, 2007 – EMI CMG Distribution, a leading Christian music distribution company, has tapped Propeller Consulting to help it further develop the faith-based home entertainment category. Propeller, one of the leading marketing, branding and consulting firms in the faith and family entertainment industry, has a strong history of success, working on development [...]

EMI Music picks up 32 Latin Grammy nominations

Juan Luís Guerra and his album lead with six nominations MIAMI, SEPTEMBER 2007 — EMI Music artists have picked up 32 nominations for this year’s Latin Grammy Awards with EMI Televisa Music’s Juan Luis Guerra leading the overall nominations for his album, La Llave De Mi Corazón. Guerra, the Tropical singer/songwriter from the Dominican Republic, [...]

Classical rocks with Napster and Alfie Boe

Napster, the pioneer of digital music, is breaking with tradition and recording its first classical music session with Alfie Boe, the British tenor who is considered the ‘best tenor of his generation’. Recording at Abbey Road Studios, Alfie Boe will be performing three songs from his forthcoming album La Passione for EMI Classics. Alfie, a [...]

Stop worrying…Help! is on the way

Apple Corps Ltd proudly announce the DVD release of The Beatles film Help!, October 30th Apple Corps Ltd have announced the eagerly anticipated DVD release of The Beatles’ second feature film Help! on October 29th (October 30th in the US) which will be marketed and distributed by EMI Music. Directed by Richard Lester, who also [...]