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September 2007
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Day September 26, 2007

30 Seconds To Mars stages stunning global invasion

Streak of international awards and nominations follow sell-out European dates Lead singer Jared Leto emerges as ambitious music video auteur New York, New York – Two years after the release of their second album, the extraordinary long run of breakthrough work is turning into outright worldwide multi-media domination for Virgin Records platinum-plus modern rockers THIRTY [...]

KT Tunstall achieves career high as ‘Drastic Fantastic’ is top 10 Billboard chart entry

Multi-platinum singer/songwriter sustains worldwide acclaim with her second Relentless/Virgin Records slbum NEW YORK – Confirming her first three years of stunning worldwide success, Relentless/Virgin Records singer/songwriter KT TUNSTALL’s second album, DRASTIC FANTASTIC, has debuted on the Billboard Top 200 album chart at No. 9. The lead-off single, Hold On, is already a multi-week No.1 airplay [...]