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September 2007
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Day September 12, 2007

Appointment of Lord Birt to EMI’s Supervisory Board

EMI Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Lord Birt to its Supervisory Board, which is chaired by Guy Hands. Lord Birt joined Terra Firma as an adviser in December 2005, working on a number of its portfolio companies, and will add this new responsibility with immediate effect. Lord Birt was the Prime Minister’s [...]

EMI record label’s innovative ‘A&R 2.0′ website “ScoutR”

LONDON, 12th September 2007 — EMI’s Angel Music Group has re-launched its label website with specific focus on its role as an online A&R demo submission system. Integral to the label website, the A&R tool, or ‘ScoutR,’ forms part of a fully operational online social network whereby fans can not only upload their demos but [...]