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August 2007
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Month August 2007

Wal-Mart launches MP3 music download tracks with EMI Music repertoire

All MP3 digital tracks only 94 cents, with music content from major record labels such as EMI Music and Universal – available now at Walmart.com ( www.walmart.com ) BRISBANE, Calif., August 21, 2007 – Wal-Mart announces the launch of “DRM-free” MP3 music downloads, now available online at www.walmart.com. At only 94 cents per track and [...]

EMI selects Saatchi & Saatchi for strategic marketing initiatives for its legendary catalogue

New York, New York – August 14, 2007 – EMI Music Marketing’s catalogue unit in the US has enlisted Saatchi & Saatchi to help develop and execute strategic consumer marketing campaigns for key titles from its legendary catalogue of albums for both physical and digital formats. Featuring some of the world’s best-known musical artists, EMI’s [...]

John Lennon solo catalogue debuts on iTunes Store

CUPERTINO, California—August 14, 2007—Apple® today announced the debut of the John Lennon solo catalogue on the iTunes® Store (www.itunes.com). Sixteen of Lennon’s solo works from EMI Music are available for the first time on iTunes starting today, with the Lennon Legend and Acoustic collections making their worldwide digital debuts. For a limited period of 30 [...]

Britain rocks! as VisitBritain and EMI Music sign exclusive global partnership

London, 7 August 2007: Britain’s national tourism agency, VisitBritain, has announced an exclusive partnership with EMI Music. The agreement will help drive awareness of Britain as a tourist destination, highlight its world-renowned rock and pop music heritage and raise the profile of the musical appeal of its individual cities. In the first partnership of its [...]

Interim Management Statement for the 18 week period from 1 April to 6 August 2007

EMI Group plc (“EMI”) is today issuing its first Interim Management Statement as required by the Disclosure Rules and Transparency Rules of the Financial Services Authority. For the first quarter of this financial year, EMI reports the following results which were in line with its expectations: EMI Group total revenue at constant currency declined by [...]

Puretracks first in Canada to offer EMI downloads in DRM-free, MP3 format

Puretracks offers access to EMI’s digital music catalogue in unrestricted MP3 format, playable on iPods and a range of other devices TORONTO (August 2, 2007) — Puretracks.com today becomes the first Canadian digital music store to sell EMI’s digital music catalogue in an unrestricted MP3 file format without digital rights management (DRM). Beginning immediately in [...]

EMI Music signs first DRM-free only a la carte download deal with MixAlbum.com

Consumers create their own mixed playlist with MixAlbum.com, as featured on BBC2′s Dragon’s Den LONDON, 1 August 2007 –EMI Music today announced a deal with the groundbreaking MixAlbum.com service, as featured on the BBC2 smash hit show Dragons’ Den. It is the first of a raft of new deals EMI is able to pursue following [...]