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May 2007
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Day May 16, 2007

EMI Music first major music company to make its entire digital music catalogue available for sale in Amazon.com’s new digital music store in the US

Amazon.com’s digital music store to offer EMI Music’s entire digital repertoire as MP3s in track or album form New York, May 16, 2007 – EMI Music today announced that it has reached an agreement with Amazon.com that will enable Amazon.com to offer EMI’s entire digital catalogue, which is available in a higher quality, DRM-free premium [...]

EMI Music France reaches agreement with VirginMega for the retail of DRM-free, superior sound quality downloads

PARIS, 16 MAY 2007 — EMI Music France today announced that it has signed a new agreement with its retail partner VirginMega enabling VirginMega to sell EMI Music’s entire digital repertoire at much higher sound quality and without the restrictions of digital rights management (DRM-free). The catalogue of EMI Music France will be available in [...]

EMI Music reaches agreements to retail DRM-free, superior sound quality downloads in multiple stores across Scandinavia

Stockholm, 16th May 2007 — EMI Music Scandinavia announced today that it will make new digital rights management (DRM)-free higher sound quality downloads available for retail across the region, having reached agreements with Telenor, Musicbrigade, Inprodicon Basepoint Media , Aspiro and Paragallo in Scandinavia,. The agreements mean that consumers will be soon be able to [...]