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May 2007
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Day May 8, 2007

ArkivMusic to release out-of-print EMI Classics recordings as ArkivCDs

Online music retailer reaches agreement to produce thousands of back catalogue EMI Classics, Angel Records, and Virgin Classics titles “on demand” BRYN MAWR, Pa. — ArkivMusic — The Source for Classical Music(TM) (http://www.arkivmusic.com) announced today that it has reached an agreement to release out-of-print classical recordings from EMI Classics’ extensive and legendary catalog as “production-on-demand” [...]

EMI Music UK announces strategic partnership with TLC Marketing to enable DRM-free music to be utilised in sales promotion and loyalty campaigns

LONDON, 8 MAY 2007: EMI Music UK today announced it has teamed up with TLC Marketing plc, number one in the world of travel, leisure and lifestyle incentive providers, to provide a download loyalty card for use with third-party brand promotions. TLC Marketing has previously formed brand partnerships with household names such as Samsung, First [...]