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April 2007
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Month April 2007

EMI Music Latin America promotes three executives

New Managing Directors for EMI Music Mexico and Argentina/Chile, and new Vice President of Latin Repertoire 23 APRIL 2007- EMI Music has promoted three executives to take on key roles in its Latin American region. Camilo Kejner, Managing Director (MD) of EMI Music Argentina will take on the additional role of MD for Chile, overseeing [...]

EMI trading update

EMI Group provides trading update for the financial year ended 31 March 2007 ahead of the announcement of its preliminary results on 23 May 2007 EMI Music sales at constant currency in line with guidance EMI Music Publishing operating margin improvement Underlying EBITDA of £174m Restructuring progressing ahead of plan Net debt of £910m EMI [...]

EMI Records teams with ShoZu for the next phase in mobile content delivery

LONDON, 16th April 2007: EMI Records today announced an initiative to enable its artists to document and share their day-to-day activities with music fans directly from their camera phones through a partnership with ShoZu, a provider of mobile media exchange services. Artists equipped with ShoZu-enabled mobile phones will now be able to transfer photos and [...]

The Good, The Bad & The Queen” has become the first EMI album to be made available for download in a new DRM-free, high quality MP3 format

LONDON, Wednesday 4th April: As EMI Music launches its full catalogue DRM-free and in superior sound quality, The Good, The Bad & The Queen has become the first EMI album available in the new format. Green Fields, the latest single and the full album are now available to download direct from the www.thegoodthebadandthequeen.com, allowing fans [...]

EMI Music launches DRM-free superior sound quality downloads across its entire digital repertoire

EMI Group CEO Eric Nicoli today hosted a press conference at EMI’s headquarters in London where he announced that EMI Music is launching DRM-free superior quality downloads across its entire digital repertoire and that Apple’s iTunes Store will be the first online music store to sell EMI’s new downloads. Nicoli was joined by Apple CEO [...]