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January 2007
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Month January 2007

EMI Music forms Capitol Music Group in the United States comprising Capitol and Virgin imprints

Jason Flom to head new label group NEW YORK, JANUARY 25, 2007 – After a review of EMI Music’s American operations, Eric Nicoli, the Chief Executive Officer of EMI Group today announced that the company is merging its Capitol and Virgin labels to form The Capitol Music Group, a front line pop, rock and urban [...]

EMI Music UK strikes pan-European content partnership with U-MYX

London, 19th January 2007: EMI Music UK today announced it has struck a content alliance with U-MYX for usage of the U-MYX format across the UK and Continental Europe. EMI Music UK will partner with U-MYX on a number of key artist releases in the forthcoming year, following successful trials with Paul McCartney, Lily Allen [...]

EMI announce multi-territory download deal with The Licensing Angeny (TLA) and Lightspeed Research

Consumers to receive EMI Music and video downloads upon completion of market research questionnaires LONDON, 18th January 2008: EMI Music today announced a partnership with The Licensing Agency (TLA) to supply music and video downloads to consumers upon completion of Lightspeed Research questionnaires. Music fans will be incentivised to complete the market research questionnaires, which [...]

JF Cecillon promoted to new role of chairman & CEO, EMI Music International, and Ian Hanson to new position of chief operating officer, EMI Music

LONDON, 18 JANUARY 2007 — Eric Nicoli, the CEO of EMI Group who on Friday assumed direct responsibility for the EMI Music division, today announced two key appointments to his EMI Music management team. Nicoli has established an international division for the management of EMI’s recorded music business outside the UK and North America, promoting [...]

Baidu and EMI launch advertising-supported streaming service

A major breakthrough for online music in China Beijing, China,16 January, 2007 — Baidu and EMI Music have today announced a pioneering strategic partnership to launch an advertising-supported online music streaming service in China, the first revenue-sharing arrangement between an internet search engine and international music company in the country. EMI and Baidu have also [...]

EMI Group plc announcement

EMI today announces: – A restructuring programme which will generate £110m of incremental annual cost savings – Board and senior management changes – An update on current trading – A revised outlook for the Group reflecting both current trading and the impact of these new initiatives Background The global music market remains highly dynamic but [...]